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简介1.英语人教新课标必修2知识点2.英语必修二是什么?3.必修二英语派生词汇总4.必修二英语课文及翻译是什么?5.高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳6.必修二英语unit4课文翻译是什么?7.高二英语选择性必修二单词有哪些?8.人教版高中英语必修二课文翻译选择性必修二英语单词有contradictory、infectvt、proof、multiple、pump等。一、contradictory 英 [?k












英 [?k?ntr?'d?kt?ri]? 美 [?kɑ?ntr?'d?kt?ri]

adj. 矛盾的

n. 矛盾

I was bewildered by the contradictory statements.



英 [?n'fekt] 美 [?n'fekt]

vt. 传染;感染

The open wound soon became infected.



英 [pru?f] 美 [pru?f]

n. 证明;证据;校样

adj. 防......的;耐......的

vt. 检验;给......做防护措施

Have you got any proof that you own this bike?



英 ['m?lt?pl] 美 ['m?lt?pl]

adj. 多种多样的;许多的

n. 倍数;并联

He is the person with multiple injuries.



英 [p?mp] 美 [p?mp]

n. 泵;抽水机;打气筒;抽水;打气

v. 打气;唧筒般运动;灌输;抽取;增加;<口>盘问

The heart has acted as a strong pump.












1.There is no________(怀疑)that he will attend the meeting on time.


2.It________(使惊愕)her that he could be so calm at such a time.


3.The woman________(挑选)the best things from the shop.


4.I’ll meet you at the ________(入口)of the zoo tomorrow.


5.After a long ________(辩论),the bill was passed.



at war;in search of;no doubt;think highly of;in return for

1.The hungry boy rushed into the house ________ something to eat.

答案:in search of

2.The boy’s father ________ the man who saved his son from the lake.

答案:thinks/thought highly of

3.Those countries have been ________ for a long time.People there suffer a lot.

答案:at war

4.I work hard ________ those who care for me,help me and love me.

答案:in return for

5.There is ________ that he will be punished for what he has done.

答案:no doubt


1.(2008年高考辽宁卷)Please remain________;the winner of the prize will be announced soon.

A.seating B.seated

C.to seat D.to be seated

解析:选B。本题考查动词用法。句意:请在座位上坐着;很快就会宣布获奖者。seated是形容词,表状态,此处作表语。remain/be seated“保持坐着的状态”。

2.It was already past midnight and only three young men________in the tea house.

A.left B.remained

C.delayed D.deserted


3.It remains________whether Jim’ll be fit enough to play in the finals.

A.seen B.to be seen

C.seeing D.to see

解析:选B。考查动词辨析。remain to be done“有待于……”,因为it是动作的承受者,所以用了动词不定式的被动语态。

4.I’m afraid we’ll have to work extra hours for there are still some problems ________.

A.remaining to settle B.remaining to be settled

C.remained to talk about D.to remain to discuss




1.The lecture was called off five minutes before it was supposed to start,________ made the audience angry.

A.what B.that

C.when D.which

解析:选D。考查定语从句。which made the audience angry 为非限定性定语从句,which是关系代词,指代整个主句的内容。

2.Now their talks have reached a key stage________ one side must give in to the other.

A.which B.that

C.where D.how


3.He gave us another piece of advice,________of great help to the research work.

A.which I think is B.which I think it is

C.I think which is D.I think it is

解析:选A。 which引导非限定性定语从句,在从句中作主语,I think是插入语。

4.Rescuers are still searching for the other 19 missing miners,________survival chances are small.

A.who B.which

C.whom D.whose

解析:选D。关系代词在从句中作定语,故用whose代指...missing miners’。

5.A war is so cruel that it always causes great losses,________has happened in Iraq and other countries.

A.what B.which

C.as D.one



1.China,________the Third World,has made a great contribution to human beings.

A.belongs to B.to belong to

C.to have belonged to D.belonging to

解析:选D。belong to意为“属于”,其动词+ing形式作状语表示主动。表示“中国属于第三世界”。

2.(2009年郑州市质量预测)As time went by,the plan they stuck________fairly practical.

A.to proved B.to proving

C.proved D.to be proved

解析:选A。本题考查主谓一致。此句主语为the plan,they stuck to为其定语从句,the plan的谓语动词用一般过去时。

3.A troop of carefully selected soldiers set out in search of those who might________the terrible coal mine accident.

A.live B.rescue

C.exist D.survive


4.—Are you free after school?

—Sorry.I’ve planned to treat a friend of mine to dinner________for his help.

A.in addition B.in turn

C.in return D.in total

解析:选C。考查短语辨析。in return作为(对……的)回报。treat a friend of mine to dinner in return for his help意为“请我的一位朋友吃饭来回报他对我的帮助”。in addition此外;in turn轮流,又(对别人)做同样的事;in total总共。

5.With the development of science and technology,there is no doubt________ Chinese astronauts will land on the moon in the near future.

A.whether B.that

C.what D.which

解析:选B。考查固定句型。There is no doubt that...意为“毫无疑问……”,that引导同位语从句,解释说明doubt的具体内容。

6.—David,could I use your car?

—Sorry,there is something wrong with it.I will have it________ this afternoon.

A.repair B.to repair

C.repairing D.repaired

解析:选D。考查非谓语动词。it与repair之间为被动关系,故用repair的过去分词形式作宾语it的补足语,构成have sth.done结构。

7.We all know that hard working and plain living are fine________ of our Chinese people.

A.qualities B.manners

C.deeds D.acts


8.Your desk is crowded with too many unnecessary things,including used papers and books.You’d better ________some of them.

A.remain B.resist

C.remove D.renew


9.—Mum!Alice has broken my CD player!

—________After all,she couldn’t have done it on purpose.

A.What’s the matter? B.It doesn’t matter.

C.No trouble at all. D.How come?

解析:选B。考查交际用语。根据答语中“毕竟她不可能是故意的”,可知答案为选项B。It doesn’t matter.没关系。

10.On the way back home from the ball,she suddenly found her necklace________.

A.missed B.losing

C.gone D.be stolen

解析:选C。 find sth.gone/missing/lost发现某物丢失了。






die out灭亡,逐渐消失


in peace和平地,安详地

in danger of在危险中

in relief,如释重负,松了口气

burst into laughter突然笑起来



succeed in doing sth成功的做某事

succeed to sth继承某事

under construction/discussion正在被建设/讨论

there is noharm in doing sth做某事无害

be used to do sth被用来做…

used to sth过去常常做...


B2M1 派生词?

fit (adj.) fitness ________ (n) 健康;适合性

2. rare (adj.) rarely ________ (adv.) 稀少地;极少地 health unhealth (n.) 不健康

3. _______ (n.) 健康 ________ healthy _______ (adj.) 健康的 healthily _________(adv.) 健康地

4. wealthy (adj.) wealth ________ (n) 财富;富裕 wealthily _________(adv) 富裕地;有钱地 unhealthy (adj.) 不健康的 unhealthily (adv.) 不健康地 _________

5. anxious (adj.) anxiety ___________ (n) 焦虑;渴望

6. injure (v.) injury (n.) injured _________ (adj.) 受伤的 painful

7. pain (n.) ________ (adj.) 疼痛的 painless (adj.) 不痛的 ________ abnormal (adj.) 不正常的 ________

8. normal (adj.)

9. overweight (adj.) / (n) 超重;优势 overweigh __________ (v) 比…重;胜过; 给…加负担;压倒 breath

10. breathe (v.) ________ (n.) 呼吸;气息 insure ________ (v.) 保障;确保 11. insurance (n.) 给…提供担保 The usage of some useful words in M

1 1.词缀 “ ~ache (n/ vi)

疼痛” toothache 牙痛 ______________

头痛 headache stomachache ______________

胃痛 stomachache / bellyache _______________________

腹痛/ 肚子痛 backache ______________

背痛 注:手痛腿痛等其它部位疼痛的表达方式 a pain in my /the hand / leg / chest etc.


1) be动词后

2) 实意动词前

3) 助动词与 实意动词之间 always 总是 usually / often / frequently 经常 sometimes 有时 seldom 很少 rarely 极少 never 从来没有


1. She is a good student. (always) ∧

2. We play in the playground. (often) ∧

3. Mike doesn’t get up at six o’clock. (usually) ∧

请翻译下列句子: My brother rarely plays computer

1.我弟弟很少玩电脑游戏. games.

2.我们要始终坚持我们的信仰. We should always stand up for our beliefs. The usage of some useful words in M

1 3. proverb “谚语; 古语” 常用表达式: As the proverb says / goes, ….. “俗话说…”_____________________________ “中国有句老话说…” An old Chinese proverb says (that)… ______________________________________ The usage of some useful words in M1 4. normal “正常的;正规的;一般的” 辨析: 平常的;一向的;惯用的 usual _____________________________ 普通的;平凡的;大众化的 ordinary ___________________________ common___________________________ 常(见/听/用)的;共同的 有规律的;定期的;整齐的 regular ____________________________ 标准的;模范的;权威的 standard___________________________ usual; common; ordinary; normal; standard; regular usual 1. She found him in the midst of a group of his ___ friends. 她在他的一群老朋友中找到了他。 regular 2. Taking a ______ exercise can keep us in health. 定期做锻炼可以使我们保持健康。 3. “Mary” is a common name used in America. _______ Mary是在美国常用的一个名字。 ordinary 4. You and I are _______ people. 你我都是平凡人。 5. The normal temperature of our human is 36.5℃ ______ 人类的正常体温是36.5℃ standard 6. What I need is a(n)________ answer to the question. 我需要这个问题的标准答案。



Today I thought I’d blog about a question that has been asked many times—how do you stay safe online and avoid bad experiences on the Internet? I’m not an expert, but many years as a blogger have taught me a thing or two.


First of all, there’s the golden rule of the Internet: If you see or read something that makes you feel uncomfortable, leave the site immediately. Don’t post comments or click on anything. Second, protect your privacy.?

Do n’t give out your address or phone number. Someone might use the information to steal your identity. Identity theft is a common and serious problem. Third, be polite. Being online is no excuse for being rude, and you don’t want to become a target for a troll or cyberbully.?

A troll is a person who posts comments or questions in order to stir up trouble online. Trolls often use several false names so that they can stay on a site. A cyberbully uses the Internet to be mean to others.?

Like a troll, a cyberbully will also write something mean but it is usually directed at particular people. He or she may also post embarrassing photos and information about those people. However, the more polite you are, the less likely it is you will be attacked.





Have you had any bad experiences online, or do you have some good advice for staying safe? Post your comments below!


Last year, we were having problems in our chat room. Mean comments were being posted by someone we didn’t know. I think he or she was only trying to make trouble.


Amy-A girl at my school had a very bad experience online. A photo of her had been posted online and she was being made fun of. It seemed like a joke at first, but the girl was very upset.



#高二# 导语学英语,最重要的就是词汇,词汇构成了所有,只有把单词背熟了,才能通顺的读完整篇文章。 无 为各位同学整理了《高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳》,希望对你的学习有所帮助!

1.高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳 篇一

diet /'dai?t/ n. 日常饮食 vi. 节食

△ spaghetti /sp?'ɡeti/ n. 意大利式细面条

nut /n?t/ n. 坚果;果仁

△ muscle /'m?sl/ n. 肌肉;(食用)瘦肉

△ protective /pr?u'tektiv/ adj. 给予保护的;保护的

bean /bi:n/ n. 豆;豆科植物

pea /pi:/ n. 豌豆

cucumber /'kju:k?mb?/ n. 黄瓜

eggplant /'eɡplɑ:nt/ n. 茄子

pepper /'pep?/ n. 辣椒;辣椒粉

mushroom /'m?rum/ n. 蘑菇

peach /pi:t?/ n. 桃子

lemon /'lem?n/ n. 柠檬

balance /'b?l?ns/ vt. 平衡;权衡 n. 天平;平衡

balanced diet 平衡膳食

barbecue /'bɑ:bikju:/ vt. & n. 烧烤;烤肉

mutton /'m?t?n/ n. 羊肉

roast /r?ust/ adj. 烤制的 vt. & vi. 烤;烘;烘烤

△ stir /st?:/ vt. 摇动;搅和

fry /frai/ vt. & vi. 油煎;油炸

△ stir-fry vt. 用旺火炒(或煎、煸)

ought /?:t/ v. aux. 应当;应该

ought to 应当;应该

bacon /'beik?n/ n. 熏咸肉;腊肉

2.高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳 篇二

1. accident n. 事故,意外的事

2. adventure n. 冒险; 奇遇

3. advertisement n. 广告

4. ambulance n. 救护车

5. anxious a. 忧虑的,焦急的

6. apologize vi. 道歉,谢罪

7. appearance n. 出现,露面;容貌

8. appointment n. 约会

9. appreciate v. 欣赏; 感激

10. audience n. 观众,听众

11. average a. 平均的;普通的 n. 平均数

12. baggage n. 行李

13. bamboo n. 竹

14. beard n. (下巴上的)胡须

15. behaviour n. 行为,举止

16. blame n.& v. 责备; 责怪

17. bleed vi. 出血,流血

18. telephone booth电话亭

19. boring a. 乏味的,无聊的

20. breathe vi. 呼吸

21. broadcast (broadcast, broadcast)vt. 广播

22. businessman n. 商人;企业家

23. camera n. 照相机;摄像机

24. candle n. 蜡烛

25. carrot n.胡萝卜

3.高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳 篇三

1. first aid 急救

2. get injured/burnt 受伤; 烧伤

3. protect…against sth 防止; 遭受

4. depend on 依靠; 取决于; 依…而定

5. squeeze out 榨出

6. over and over again 重复

7. in place 在适当的位置

8. fall ill 生病

9. sense of touch 触觉

10. put one’s hands on 找到

11. dress the injuries 包扎伤口

12. make a difference 有作用

4.高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳 篇四

journal n. 日记;杂志;定期刊物

transport n. 运送;运输

vt. 运输;运送

prefer vt. 更喜欢;选择某事物(而不选择其他事物)

disadvantage n. 不利条件;不便之处

fare n. 费用

△route n. 路线;路途

flow vi. 流动;流出

n. 流动;流量

ever since 从那以后

persuade vt. 说服;劝说

cycle vi. 骑自行车

graduate vi. 毕业

n. 大学毕业生

finally adv. 最后;终于

schedule n. 时间表;进度表

vt. 为某事安排时间

fond adj. 喜爱的;慈爱的;宠爱的

be fond of 喜爱;喜欢

shortcoming n. 缺点

stubborn adj. 顽固的;固执的

care about 关心;忧虑;惦念

△detail n. 细节;详情

△source n. 来源;水源

determine vt. 决定;确定;下定决心

determined adj. 坚决的;有决心的

change one’s mind 改变主意

journey n. 旅行;旅程

altitude n. 海拔高度;高处

make up one’s mind 下决心;决定

give in 投降;屈服;让步

△atlas n. 地图;地图集

△glacier n. 冰河;冰川

5.高二英语选择性必修二单词归纳 篇五

reliable adj.可靠的;可信赖的;确实的

fire vt.解雇;开除 vi.开枪;射击

face vt. 面临;面对;正视

difficulty n.困难;难事

nosy adj.爱管闲事的

reason n.原因;动机;理性;道理 vt.&vi.说服;推论;劝说

elect vt.&vi.选举;推选

go up 上升;增长;攀登

informed adj.有知识的;见闻广的; 了解情况的

relate vi.&vt.有关;涉及

relate sb 理解或同情某人

relate sth 理解或同情某事物

relate to 有关;涉及

relate...to 与……有关;涉及

talent n.天资;天赋;才能

talented adj.有才能的;天资高的

switch vt.转变;改变 n.开关;转换器




AtDaisy had always longed to help endangered species of wildlife. 戴茜一直以来都渴望帮助那些濒临灭绝的野生动植物。

One day she woke up and found a flying carpet by her bed. 一天她醒来,发现床边有一块飞毯。

“Where do you want to go?” it asked. Daisy responded immediately. “I’d like to see some endangered wildlife,” she said. 飞毯问:“你想去哪儿?”戴茜立刻回答道:“我想去看看濒临灭绝的野生动物。

“Please take me to a distant land where I can find the animal that gave fur to make this sweater.” 请带我到遥远的地方,在那里我可以发现为制作这件毛衣而提供毛绒的那种动物。”











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